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BRIXTON AND INDY'S FRIENDY UNION words Andrea Ward - photography Tobin Yelland

For those who are deep into the world of skateboarding the names, Brixton and Independent Truck Company (Indy) are references in style and apparel created for the everyday skateboarder. Founded in 2004, Brixton is the result of a collaboration between three friends whose aim has been to convey their very own lifestyle through unique products while remaining clean, classic, and timeless. Their design aesthetic and products are grounded on the promise - and deliverance - of comfortable high-quality pieces that are for now and forever.

Independent Truck Company is also a well-known name in the skateboard community as the Santa Cruz truck manufacturer whose unique line of products have been established since 1978. These two Californian companies represent the skateboard culture not only through their unique products but for proudly standing by those who are part of this vast community, and, seeing the two brands coming together for a collab is simply awesome.

Brixton and Indy have teamed up to create a fresh capsule collection where Brixton's timeless design aesthetic joins perfectly with Indy's history as one of the forefathers in the skateboarding community. Titled 'Friendly Union', the capsule collection is filled with personality and attitude where every piece has been designed in a unique way by both brands. The collab includes custom apparel, headwear, and other accessories where artworks by both labels are featured. Some of the key pieces in this collection are the denim overalls with popping yellow detailing on the logos and the hoodies that have perfectly combined both brand's style identities into one strong one while still preserving individuality. The collection is a combination of high-quality, fashionability, and functionality and could be seen not only in the skatepark but styled to complement and elevate the more contemporary street-style wardrobe.

To make this an even greater union, Berkeley-born photographer and filmmaker, Tobin Yelland, has shot the 'Friendly Union' look-book featuring brand ambassadors Kenny Anderson, Dolan Stearns, and Justin Henry. Yelland's roots go deep into the visual history of skateboarding as he became known for capturing some of the most impressive and iconic images for the past thirty years and through his lenses, he was able to capture not only a cohesive and fresh set of apparel but to register the real skateboarding spirit.

The 'Friendly Union' collection is NOW available at selected stockist worldwide.


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