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BASIS RIGHTS; DRAWING BOWIE IN BERLIN words Andrea Ward - images courtesy of Basic Rights at Dust PR

For Autumn/Winter 2018 the New York-founded, London-based contemporary menswear label Basic Rights draws inspiration from David Bowie and Berlin to create a collection that is fresh, cohesive, and youthful while remaining fashionable and functional. Founded in 2016 by guitarist Freddie Cowan, Basic Rights presents a clean-cut style infused with personality. This season, the label has been heavily inspired by the uniqueness and youthfulness of David Bowie and his Berlin trilogy and are translated into a collection that has been carefully curated for the winter season.

Basic Rights stayed true to their roots in music and has unveiled a limited edition leather ‘Heroes Jacket’ which is a direct reference to David Bowie’s 1977 ‘Heroes’ album cover and has developed the statement piece in collaboration with Aero Leathers, which has been specialised in producing outstanding leather jackets since the late 1970's when their original and iconic handmade jacket was launched in 1977. The collaboration between the two brands is a clear success and managed to bring together Aero's classical leather craftsmanship and Basic Rights' contemporary design aesthetic. With each piece being individually crafted at their workshop just outside of Edinburgh.

The beautiful collection also features soft shirts, tailored trousers, and jackets all keeping with the Basic Rights signature style. Autumn/Winter 2018 is filled with statement pieces such as the leather jacket and the striped silk white shirt which continues to deliver Basic Rights' core message of "style over fashion" and that "clothes should be lived in" maintaining the cool rock'n'roll vibe going on without becoming too obvious but balancing out every design and concept element perfectly while still preserving functionality and wearability.

You can now purchase Basic Rights Autumn/Winter 2018 on their online store.


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