080 BARCELONA FASHION WEEK words Sophie Emmett - photography courtesy of Fabric PR and XXL Communications






Fun in the sun is the mood for 080 Barcelona Fashion, this season was without exception marked by intense heat as the temperature rose, just like the Fashion. It was nothing short of ravishing, from the historic venue of Historic Sant Pau art Nouveau to finishing the week on the Marina Vela, wishing we could sail away in one of the GUILLERMINA BAEZA chic swimsuits.


During the week, there were a few standout collections, starting with invited designer Nous Etudion’s, the Argentinean who is making waves in eco -friendly designs that are chic and ambitious in creation. Having been fully vegan since its creation, Nous prides itself on the craftsmanship of its unique materials. This season saw two large and detailed collections come down the runway. The first being the SS20 collection, inspired by the textured soil of the earth. Where a limited colour palette made the focus to that of the oversized silhouettes and those that had been deconstructed and the inter-mixture of shapes within.


Nous Etudion Mainline at 080 Barcelona Fashion



The second collection was simply a feast to the eyes; a capsule collection in collaboration with Nike titled "NOUS NIKE." Unlike the mainline collection, this was a bold explosion of colour, inspired by space, Zero Gravity, and nature. The structure and form of the pieces was a collection that revealed an experimental exclusivity. The surfaces showcased an essence of tech materials, a new sense of functional options for the future of garments, as their 3D structure welcomed a new direction for textiles.


NOUS NIKE at 080 Barcelona Fashion



Menswear that stood out from the crowd, was that of Jamie Alvavez’s Mans Concept. This collection was absolutely stunning. The young designer who only graduated from his fashion studies at Istitute Europeo di Design back in 2017, is growing from strength to strength. Having won Best Emerging Design by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Regional Government of Catalonia) at the last two seasons of 080 Fashion Week Barcelona, the rest of the world really needs to take note, as this young designer is only rising each season. This being his fourth collection, a “Night in Vienna” shows a new level of maturity in his design concepts, as through his travels to Austria he has clearly developed in his taste palette.


The designs reflect a concept that has stemmed from an interest in Vienna’s culture and art scene. Not many young designers can pull off 91 looks on the catwalk as effortlessly as Alvavez’s manages to. His pieces continue to emulate a skill for tailoring, showcasing a knowledge for traditional styles. He mixes modern sensibilities of the masculine form, mixed amongst a luxuriant colour palette combined with the silk and organza textures. With a designer who shows no signs of slowing down, one awaits to see how he will outdo himself next season.


Mans Concept at 080 Barcelona Fashion



After our first season in Barcelona, we have grown accustomed to expecting a great production from Brain & Beast, so, when models came strutting down the runway smoking cigarettes with boldly painted faces, our expectations were again met with intrigue as they continue to push the boundaries of what we call fashion. Titled P R E M I È R E this season is composed of pieces that, in short, focus on the ideals of rituals. Which initially explains the tribal-esque painting on the models' faces and bodies.


The intrigue does not stop there; the inspiration behind this season is made clear as the collection is revealed; the research by psychologists investigating rituals aiming to prove that not all rituals have a symbolic meaning. This reflection delves deeper into the understanding of “daily ritual” patterns beyond Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) a rite being unlike a habit, yet how we do things. The desire to break free from the normative and hidden-rites are translated into the “I want to break free” and “Happiness is the lack of fear” slogans branded on the t-shirts. Tape measures worn as belts add an extra element of an unexpected cool.


Brain & Beast at 080 Barcelona Fashion



For Brain & Beast, this season is not simply about what you wear but how you wear it; where you are and how you do so but above all; how you remember it. For a brand that is conceptual to its core and convictions, there is always a hidden message among a collection of purposeful pieces and that surely left the audience considering more than what’s “in-trend”.


Lastly, it was another international guest, Nicholas K from New York that caught our attention. The Convent collection paid homage to the delicate balance within nature which were translated into stunning prints seen throughout. Nicholas K is not only a fur-free company, as the New Yorker house sources all of its materials responsibly where garments are crafted and designed with mobility in mind; after all, fashionability without functionality isn't on-trend.


Nicholas K at 080 Barcelona Fashion



Nicholas' ethos reflects a clear mindset of nomads, where the term (urban nomad) is often used to describe the brand's aesthetic while making a tribute to their intentions. Movement, exploration, and conscientious living are in the heart of every season and are translated into a fresh approach to minimalism.  The collection also presented a strong sense of "women on the move" where accessories such as the sandals that resembled traditional Japanese Shoe a Geta received especial attention when added to the collection. Traditionally worn to keep the feet dry and protected from the scraps on the ground, this again, creates a sense of journey through the unique collection. One that is adapting to its natural environment.


With special thanks to; Fabric PR and XXL Communications.


Guillermina Baeza at 080 Barcelona Fashion



Guillermina Baeza at 080 Barcelona Fashion



NOUS NIKE at 080 Barcelona Fashion



Nous Etudion Mainline at 080 Barcelona Fashion



Mans Concept at 080 Barcelona Fashion

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